"Here's a photo and study plan of the first Echo II to be launched: two weeks ago today in Tidewater, Virginia. Russ Brown's brother Steve was lead man on the job in the Lombardi Yachts shop. They did a beautiful job. Owner is a very experienced yachtsman, but this is his first multihull. Warm weather and light winds, no more than 14 knots, made for two days of pleasant trial sails during which we could effortlessly do well over 120% of wind speed with five people aboard."
Dick Newick, March 25, 2002

Study plan
(2012 x 1233)
Echo Class Trimaran "Moby"
NSW Australia (Sydney), February 8, 2018

2002 Newick ECHO II (brokerage, specs)

Mockingbird was meticulously built in Virginia by the multihull specialists at Lombardi Yachts and launched in 2002.

Custom Variations from Newick’s stock Echo II Design

  1. The carbon fiber mast and boom were especially designed and built to avoid the need for any diamond stays and spreaders. This includes the telescoping bowsprit for the headsails -- it has no whisker stays or bobstay. The boom and bowsprit are triangular in section.
  2. The length of all hulls was increased at both ends during construction to provide additional longitudinal stability and load carrying, which made possible the later additions of the inboard engine and tankage, and the anchor windlass and chain locker.
  3. The sides of the amas, and the cross beam connectives, are reinforced with copious unidirectional fiberglass, to withstand very hard driving to windward. The Newick hallmark of achieving very high speeds in very rough water, critical in racing, also translates to very easy motion and quiet, restful running when sailed at cruising speeds.
  4. There is a custom, slightly elevated coach roof over the main cabin area. This adds ample standing headroom and port lights in the main cabin.
  5. Dick Newick particularly liked what he called “this superb boat.”

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Trimaran Mocking Bird, featuring Dick Newick and Jim Brown
Crossing the Atlantic on an Echo 36 trimaran designed by Dick Newick (full version)
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