"People sail for fun and no one has yet convinced me that it's more fun to go slow than it is to go fast."

36.5' trimaran
Ocean Surfer

40' racing trimaran
48' Traveler trimaran
51' trimaran

1968 OSTAR Atlantic Proa
Moxie (book, film) by Philip S. Weld
"For this, his third attempt at the OSTAR, Weld had Dick Newick design him the trimaran Moxie. In design, construction and in every piece of equipment Moxie was built to win. Phil Weld knew what it took to race across the Atlantic - the boat and the man were made for each other."

Moxie in the Azores

34' Atlantic proa GODIVA
owned and skippered by Rory Nugent

Water Wandering in the Low Countries
by Richard C. Newick,
"The Rudder", September 1956, p.7

Dick Newick
Rogue Wave
Rogue Wave

About Dick Newick

email contact: Pat Newick

- Legendary Designer Brought Grace and Beauty to Multihulls

Vaka Fanaua

An "island freighter" trimaran - affordable, safe, economic, flexible and regular transport for Pacific outer island communities.

Native at Corinthian YC
Tiburon, California

Native NAGA

hauled in Vanuatu
Trinidad in '03
to Australia in '06,
photos and text

White Wings 36' trimaran
White Wings 36' trimaran

Triad - 42' racing trimaran

ROGUE WAVE, "a splendid success by wizard Dick Newick"

Summer Salt 26 (or Somersault 26 or Outrigger 26)

MOXIE on autopilot at 16 knots!
Sailing 50' Newick trimaran MOXIE between Woods Hole and Martha's Vineyard, 1987. Dick Newick, Russell Brown, Rick Haslett and Joseph Oster (cameraman)

Trimaran Mocking Bird, featuring Dick Newick and Jim Brown

Delivering vintage Newick trimarans in the South of France.
ex Fleury Michon 4, ex GIGI-CGA.

Native 38' SWEET at 13 knots on autopilot in the canal of St. Vincent to St. Lucia

Sortie du chantier RIVE SUD du trimaran PATS Ó SETE, 2013

Tremolino, a 23 foot trimaran for the masses -

Seaworthy design: Kittery Point man an international legend
"By breaking the barriers of both performance and acceptance, Dick Newick can be called the Chuck Yeager of multihulls"
-- Jim Brown, Wooden Boat magazine, May 2008
Inducted into the North American Boat Designers Hall of Fame
SAIL magazine article, March 16, 2008
Legendary Designers Jack Hargrave & Dick Newick
Inducted Into Boat Designers Hall of Fame

Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology
Profile and interview with Dick Newick on NEMA (and a tribute to Walter Greene)

Intuitive Dynamics

article by Steve Callahan
Professional Boatbuilder Magazine #122, December/January 2010

"The venerable Dick Newick, a pioneer in sailing multihulls, continues to deliver designs whose simplicity and grace, even at rest, are evocative of seabirds. His fast, safe, oceanĚproven multihulls can truly be said to have been ahead of their time."

Mike Birch, 1980 OSTAR - Phil Weld appears at 18:04 and 39:04 (w/ MOXIE)

email contact: Pat Newick