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I co-own a Somersault (named “Seraphim”) with Bill Doelger, an experienced racer of Newick Tris. It's a 1990 model hull, #10 of 12 or 13 made before the small company (Outrigger Co.) that made them stopped building in the early `90's. I'm biased, of course, but I think my Somersault 26 is the prettiest small tri design on the water.

Pictures of Seraphim anchored off Valcour Island on Lake Champlain: (click to see full size)

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Sparky, found on, 1986, Located In Melbourne, FL:

Resurrecting a neglected 20 year old race boat by Anton Berteaux
Winters and Napa California

Hullabaloo, found on SA, "located in Upstate New York near Lake Ontario - originated out of New Jersey somewhere".

13 were made. I do not know if the prototype is included in that count. It would be great if we could keep track of all and their owners or "boat husbands" as Dick Newick called them. We talked and he interviewed me when I bought sail # 8. He likes to be sure all his "boat daughters" have good "boat husbands" to care for them.

Please contact me directly. I have a lot of drawings, some mine, and some by Dick Newick to share. I would like to make a list serve like a small F-boat group so we can help each other by comparing notes and restoration projects.


Hello Outrigger/Somersault 26 owners.

I am Chris Harris, owner of Hull #5, now known and repainted as Trinity (formerly Greylag). I bought & brought her down from 1,000 Islands area in Canada in 2001 and have been sailing her ever since on Lake Michigan out of Monroe Harbor in Chicago.

Noting the question about raising the mast; it takes 3 of us, using a cut down Hobie 16 mast and a special tool that slides into the mast track and tied off.

Was interested to see the videos of Nada in France. Be interested to see each boats' adaption. I have moved the tiller to above and behind the traveller to provide more cockpit space.

If anyone visits Chicago, be glad to take them out and compare notes. In the winter months I upgrade sails by using Sailrite to make up a sail kit and spend evenings stitching Dacron, very therapeutic! The paint job took 3 Springs/years - amas, hull, deck.

Regards, Chris

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