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Rogue Wave
Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave circa 1978 (image by Polly Brown). This Dick Newick-designed 60' trimaran was built for Phil Weld by the Gougeon Brothers with WEST SYSTEM epoxy. Phil had planned to race Rogue Wave in the 1980 OSTAR, but a rule change cost him that opportunity. However, he did go on to win the 1980 OSTAR aboard another trimaran, Moxie, also designed by Dick Newick, and built with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy by Walter Greene.

BELOW: GULF STREAMER, Rogue Wave's predecessor:



After a shakedown cruise to England, [Weld] successfully competed in the 1974 Round Britain Race, placing second to British Oxygen.

On, then, to face the ultimate challenge - the singlehanded Transatlantic Race - he and 21-year-old crewman Bill Stevens were sailing from Florida to Plymouth, England for the start of the 1976 OSTAR when they were capsized April 27 by a rogue wave estimated at 40'.
-- Cruising World, Nov 1977

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