Designed for the 1988 CSTAR by Dick Newick, sailed by Mark Rudiger

Ocean Surfer was built by Nat Bryant and his crew, initially at Damian McLaughlin's shop in North Falmouth, Massachusetts (Cape Cod), where the boat was "pre-assembled" before being transported (in three pieces) ~3.5 miles to Fiddler's Cove for final assembly, paint and launch.

1987 - Transporting wing mast for Ocean Surfer from Dick Newick's shop, where it was built by Rick Haslet (Levi's jacket, L2), through Vineyard Haven on top of Dick's small car to the MV Shipyard, then loaded aboard Moxie for delivery off island to the shop where Ocean Surfer was built. Two minutes of "shop gawking", looking at the nearly finished Ocean Surfer before the build crew assists in unloading the mast from Moxie and moving it to the shop. Lead builder Nat Bryant in orange T-shirt, on Moxie's starboard bow.
Note: No sailing in this video but some of the return trip to the Vineyard, after delivering the mast, was captured on another video the same day: MOXIE on autopilot at 16 knots!

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