Tremolino Plans For Sale - contact Pat Newick

Dick Newick's smallest (23 ft.) stock design plans are available in one consolidated package, digitized (.pdf), for $350 U.S. (April, 2019)

From Tremolino's origin with John Olin using Hobie hulls for amas and Newick's Vaka, (main hull design) the set includes revisions, full size building jig patterns, and offsets. Dick described Tremolino construction, "plywood, epoxy, fiberglass." The amas are 'tortured' plywood, a building method made popular by early Tornado catamarans. Mast may be either aluminum extrusion, or a strip planked wood/carbon fiber wing mast. Longest building time reported was 800 man hours to create a much admired work of art. Dick added, "builders eager to go sailing should do the job in much less time."

All other design plans sell for $65 U.S. per. sheet, digitized (.pdf).

Study Plan: Tremolino.pdf (76.2 Kb, 5600 x 3400, 14 x 8.5)

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