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Famed multihull designer Dick Newick had designed some 32' hulls for Still Water Marine that were incorporated into a powered catamaran configuration to function as chase boats for rowing shells. The design goal had been for a craft that could follow an 8-man rowing shell at speeds up to 15 mph with minimum wake. We knew that low wake equates to high efficiency, so we called Dick, a long-time friend with whom we have collaborated on many projects. Dick sent us design details, which showed hulls with a high prismatic coefficient together with a low wetted surface, further suggesting high efficiency. Of equal importance was the fact that each hull was capable of supporting 2,000 lb at a little over 11" draft. This was perfect for our needs of a fully loaded craft at 3,500 to 4,000 lb with less draft than we initially believed would be possible.

We quickly struck a deal with Dick Perelli, president of Still Water Design, to build us four hulls in his existing molds to our specifications using our Pro-SetŪ Resins and the vacuum-bagged laminate schedule that we had developed for our G-32 sailboats some years before. We took delivery of these hulls in February 2004 and were delighted when they weighed in at slightly less than 200 lb each.
-- Meade Gougeon

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