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Speed Record: Sailing Newick trimaran Moxie around the island of Martha's Vineyard in four hours and fifty-five minutes
October 13, 1988

Waited for a predictable October gale with 25 knot winds out of the west/northwest, off the land, leaving flat water on Vineyard Sound for two friends and I to sail the 50 foot racing trimaran Moxie entirely around the island of Martha's Vineyard in record time: four hours and fifty-five minutes!

Distance: 61 miles (~est.), Average speed: 12.4 knots
Approximate course, counter clockwise, based on log entries, plotted on Google chart

Move mouse over course diagram to navigate large chart in background, show closest log entry.

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Sailing Moxie Around Martha's Vineyard in 4h and 55m

Moxie (book, film) by Philip S. Weld
"For this, his third attempt at the OSTAR, Weld had Dick Newick design him the trimaran Moxie. In design, construction and in every piece of equipment Moxie was built to win. Phil Weld knew what it took to race across the Atlantic - the boat and the man were made for each other."
Single-Handed Trans-Atlantic Race History (Wikipedia)
T H E R A C E, 7 June 1980
Singlehanded Trans-Atlantic Race 1960-2000
That's A Wrap
"When I was 19-years old, the sailor Phil Weld (who won the Transat, formerly called the OSTAR in 1980)
gave a talk at the Eastern Yacht Club in Marblehead and I knew then that I was going to do this race"
- Kip Stone, 2004 Open 50 fleet, 1st place
(first American to score a victory since Phil Weld won the 1980 edition of the race on board his 51ft trimaran 'Moxie')
Newick Home Page also see: trimaran Moxie